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Gods Ministry In Cafe Devine

Wow, today was incredible, God did so much with us today. Today was the first time that we really got to see our team in action. God split us all up and threw different tasks in each of our paths. As more and more people sporadically showed up at the café, we each found ourselves caught up in conversations that were most indubitably divinely appointed. Kirsty and I found ourselves at a table with two kind women whom had never actually taken part in one of Dario’s church events. They ended up there by sheer chance, or so it seemed. It was actually a God thing, he wanted them there and so they were there. They are from a different part of Ireland, but they had been in town for an Irish language course. And they were sporadically sent to our café. We got to encourage one another’s faith and God answered so many prayers by bringing those two ladies to our Christian fellowship. God told Inhye that she had to share her testimony so Inhye was anticipating that she would be sharing it with the entire café, but it turned out that God had entirely different plans, he wanted her to share her testimony one on one with a man. As their conversation ended Mpumi felt called to talk to this man about his testimony, God called them both to boost this mans faith and they were faithful in that task. Meg got to talk to a girl who was suffering from a seriously bad relationship, this lady actually got to see and understand that God is really here, that regardless of her faults that God is here to love and take care of her. This was such an amazing night, we had such a great fellowship. We taught and learned so much from one another and many prayers were answered.


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