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From fake and nonexistent in their eyes to alive

At Café Devine, God used all of us in the most incredible ways! Meg shared the word and she did awesome, Inhye shared her testimony and she did really great also. Toward the end of the service we had some little kid’s running around outside trying to create a ruckus, trying to open the door to the café and shout in and disturb the service. Mpumi acted quick on it though, he went outside and started playing a questioning game with them. He first created order, an answer game where only one young person could answer at a time. He then said state the very first word that comes to your mind when I say the name of a person. He then started listing the names of some famous people. The kids were having fun with it; they were answering awful, crude answers though. Eventually he said God, and Jesus. A majority of the answers were “fake, not real, made up, a lie, but some of the answers were right they were just stated in a mocking way.” When he mentioned God and Jesus though the kids started mocking and making fun of and goofing off, they just redirected their attention to once again making a ruckus. When this happened I stepped and said “hey you guys, can I share one thing with you?, Guess what, I actually used to think the same way as you. When people asked me about Jesus I thought they were lame. But I got in a really bad accident a year ago and I should have died, the doctors told me I was going to die, but I prayed and God saved me. I used to think Jesus was fake, that he wasn’t real too, but in the middle of this accident, in the middle of my suffering, it was my last resort, my only resort was to pray. I was in the middle of nowhere and I was told that I wasn’t going to get any help because of where I was at, But I prayed and Jesus saved me, he gave me three miracles and I know that without every single one of them I would be dead, and there’s no doubt about that, that’s a fact. But that’s how I know God is real, because I would be dead right now if he wasn’t.” haha I looked down at them and their jaws were dropped, they were just sitting there staring at me. I told them to take a seat and I would explain the whole story to them. The calmed down and suddenly looked so serious and intent. That in itself was a miraculous transformation. I got to share with them how freaking awesome and incredible and real our God is, and I got to challenge them, I got to help them see that even though the religions here in Ireland sometimes turn people away from God create tension, that that isn’t what our God does. They said they hated religion and I got to share that accepting Jesus isn’t about religion it’s about having a personal relationship with a living God. A god who made you, a God who knows you better than you know yourself, and because of that he is the only one who can really give you and show you what’s best for you, what you really want in life. It was amazing, I praise God for creating that opportunity, and calming those kid’s hearts, for teamwork because I could have never connected with those kids without Mpumi first intriguing them, questioning them, and finding out where they stood in their perspectives, and for the miracles, because without those I would be dead and unable to share anything with anyone. But most of all those are God’s miracles and that is the exact reason why they are so fascinating.


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