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Sahbu founder Mitch Weight embarked on a trip to West Africa to adopt two boys. It was there that he discovered problems such as an 85% unemployment rate. 80% of School age girls are involved in prostitution. 340,000 children are orphaned due to AIDS and civil war. A 19 year old girl has a 66% chance she has been raped His initial thought was, “How can I help?” He discovered that the permanent solutions are based on education availability. As a professional in the education field, Mitch created Sahbu as a vehicle to provide food, shelter, school and opportunity.

Mothers who are educated, are more likely to ensure their children are safe, healthy, and that they also are educated. As these traits are passed down through generations, the cycle of poverty and violence is broken, and entire communities improve. Because of the inexpensive nature of a quality education in West Africa, we are able to make a great impact.

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Our event for the End It movement is tonight. There are currently more slaves in the world than there have ever been throughout all of history, and that is not okay.

We've gathered bands from all over the state, and we're sticking out 27 hours of straight prayer and worship to represent the 27 million men women and children who are currently enslaved. People can come and go as they please.

The event starts tonight at 5:30 and ends at 9:30 on Friday (MDT time zone)

Since you can't make it in person the event will be broadcast all over the world, so please join us in lifting up this issue at or

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Human Trafficking | MP Joy Smith | Slavery | Context with Lorna Dueck

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