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Jesus Romped Rome

God worked in the most powerful way amongst the people in Rome. This mission began with a conference called Tranform. The vision is to reach the lost in the Mediterranean nations, and let me start by saying; WOW did God commission us into that vision with an enthusiastic beginning. There were only 300 of us, but regardless of our small number God used us to reach into every corner of Rome. We were designated one day of evangelism in a city filled with millions and with the power of the Holy Spirit; I feel that our army was as victorious as Gideon’s army of 300. (Please pray that the spirit continues that work in the hearts of those who we encountered.) God opened up opportunities to share the Word with ten’s and ten’s and ten’s. Many were delivered the gospel. Some of them eagerly dove into the word of God as if they had been anticipating and longing for the opportunity and moment in which they could be freed from the chains through the words and deeds of Jesus recorded in the gospel of John.

Others who were less enthusiastic about the message we were delivering were still delegated the power of the gospel message in the tract format (the short sweet and to the point message of salvation which was written in the individuals native language for their convenience) I encountered and got to share with tourists from across the nations. 300 of us went out that day, and Gods multitudinous power radiated through each of us, turning numbers into a meaningless ordeal, that whole town was bombarded with the truth of God. I don’t think I can thoroughly explain this, but I would like to attempt to give you an understanding, so just try to bear with me. As I walked through the town, all of Rome, stopping many to hand out tracts to them, on several occasions throughout the whole of the city I stopped random individuals. In an attempt to give them tracts, they stubbornly refused saying no no no , then slyly pulled a tract out of their pockets as they wryly smiled at me and said“I’ve already been given one of those today” Just imagine the odds of that happening on several occasions when you are walking through a city filled with millions. That is more than a coincidence.


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