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A Ferry Tale

Our God is so cool, one small step to honor him and he gifts us greatly. One minor step in faith and he drops down miracles like he does when he makes It rain. Our mission called us from Rome to England to Ireland within the span of 3 days, the commute from Rome to England smoothly. We flew into England and were granted a couple of hours to pack our things before we were to depart to Ireland. We picked up our vehicle and were on our way. We seemed to be running a little bit late, but we made it to the ferry just in time. However when we arrived at the ferry, the line didn’t seem to be moving at all. After an extended period of just sitting there with no progress in our journey Mpumme said “you guys we really should pray that we get through this process smoothly and without troubles.” I began to pray and just praise the lord for taking care of us and watching after us as we proceeded forth to serve and praise him, it was the prayer of a man who knows his God is capable of all things. A prayer of thanksgiving to that awesome God for the fact that our Lord was going to take care of us and conquer our every trial. As we approached the gate, the lady just began saying each of our names, as she was stating each of our names she handed us our paperwork and said have a nice night. We were astonished at the fact that we didn’t say a single word to her and she knew each of us by name. So we asked if she needed to see our passports and without any verification of our identification at all she said “your fine to pass, just have them prepared for when you enter the ship.” The second the car in front of us pulled out she somehow knew, without even looking at us or our vehicle, that our little missionary group was in the car praying for a quick, painless and trouble free ferry crossing from England to Ireland and boy did God answer our prayers on that one!

Little did we know that when we entered onto the boat we were going to be thrown into an enclosed miniature chuckie cheese play ground complete with a man making balloon animals and noisy children racing about. We prayed and decided to just try and put our names on a waiting list for a cabin. After waiting just a short time a room was made available to us. As we got ready for bed our leader Mpumi addressed the possible problem of girls and guys sharing a room in such close quarters. Kindly, the men offered the three girls to sleep in the cabin whilst they sleep in the land of Chuckie Cheese. All of us were in agreement and so the guys prepared to leave. While this was happening, Kirsty experienced a prompting from the Spirit. She ran around the corner and spoke with the manager at reception. She explained the situation and concluded with a daring question. “So, I was wondering if there was an available room and if we could possibly get that room for free? I completely understand if this is not possible.”She said really hoping that it was indeed the Holy Spirit prompting her to do this. "I can give you one room with only two beds in it." He said whilst handing her the key. Perfect! two beds for the two guys, Mpumi and Mike.


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